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About Us

We believe the Bible is God’s complete Word and is everything we need to understand His will and to be able to live according to it.

We believe that God created this world and that in the beginning everything was good. Free will in man allowed sin to enter this world.
This resulted in mankind being separated from God. This means that we miss out on the wonderful things that God offers like joy, peace and hope.
But this situation doesn’t have to be like this forever.

By sending His son Jesus to earth God demolished the wall of sin that separated  us from Him.
God promises us the gift of eternal life through Jesus.

How can you accept this gift?

  • By believing that Jesus is God’s son.
  • Recognizing your separation from God through your wrongdoings.
  • Being immersed in water to become a new creation in Christ.
  • Being faithful to God and continuing to obey His Word for the rest of our blessed life.

We are not alone for in this lifelong journey we are helped by the Holy Spirit and our fellow believers. 

Here in Haarlem we meet weekly; in this time one of the things we do is to remember God’s gift of Jesus to the world.  We do this by sharing the Lord’s Supper together in remembrance of His sacrifice on the cross at Calvary.